As Saudi Arabia continues to experience growth across all its industries and sectors, achieving a higher status in its worldwide economic ranking year after year, our responsibility as healthcare providers grows in parallel

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We are dedicated to providing patients with the ultimate quality in healthcare services through our advanced healthcare management systems, utilizing resources effeciently and effectively

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The Department of Human Resources is pleased to introduce an updated Staff Handbook effective February 1, 2008.
This Handbook contains policy and program information that defines the responsibilities of staff members and the Company
commitments to the staff of Medex Healthcare Co.
For more information regarding major changes in this udpate, see the Staff Handbook February 2016 Update Memo. PDF  


  • Primary Healthcare
  • Secondary Healthcare
  • Tertiary Healthcare
  • ​Homecare Services

We aim at attaining multidimensional leadership in hospital management, healthcare facility operation, staff development, and healthcare quality that highly benefits all our stakeholders


Our multidisciplinary team is composed of faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds in fields including medicine, behavioral economics, health policy, business development, Software Engineers, marketing, and operations management.  Guided by our advisors, and with the support of our partners; we work to advance the missions of the Medesx Healthcare Co through the disciplined creation, evaluation, and implementation of change. 


Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has witnessed unprecedented growth in its economic, industrial, and service sectors among others. In congruence, the construction industry flourished, leading to a substantial increase in real-estate development and projects kingdom-wide. This naturally resulted in increased demand for healthcare services and a national call to upgrade the overall healthcare sector.